CCS Combo Adapter for Tesla- Thunderstorm from A2Z


A2Z EV is one of the first companies to release an aftermarket CCS combo 1 adapter for North American and South Korean Tesla vehicles. You can now charge your vehicle.....

Tesla to J1772 A2Z Stellar Plug


The Stellar Plug will allow you to charge any EV (Hyundai, Ford, KIA, Polestar, VinFast, Lexus, Toyota, etc.) with a Tesla plug. Whether you're visiting a friend or using a.....

V2L (J1772) - Vehicle-To-Load - For North America - Up To 16A


Fast and Free Shipping directly from Montreal, Canada. Speedy Delivery: Expect your adapter in 1-3 business days. We ship same or next day! No Hassles: Zero customs/import fees for Canada and.....

Outdoor NEMA 14-50R 240V Socket Kit


Get all the hardware required to connect your NEMA 14-50 charging station plug. With this kit, your electrician will have all the parts needed to connect your home charging station......

Eco-Dome EV plug protector Eco-Dome EV plug protector

Eco-Dome EV plug protector



Refer to the Eco-Dome model table in order to find the right model for your car. Eco-Dome model table The Eco-Dome is a high quality and indispensable plug protector against snow,.....

J1772 Holder


This molded black J1772 connector holder allows you to "connect" your charging station connector to the wall after use. You can also wrap the charging cable around the holder. Details:.....

EVduty Extra Wall Mount


If you would like to bring your EVduty charging station with you to another residence, this extra wall mount is particularly useful. You simply slide the station on like you.....