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"Incredible service: 24 hours and the station was delivered. It seems very solid and trustworthy. It’ll serve me for a long time."

Satisfied EV Driver

"Fast and courteous service."

Satisfied EV Driver

"Very helpful sales staff, very responsive and eager to help. I originally ordered the wrong [station] and they called me back promptly after I emailed them. They fixed everything in a matter of minutes right over the phone."

Satisfied EV Driver

"I had an urgent concern with my choice of connector. My email was answered on a Saturday night within 2 hours and provided the correct info and an assurance that the choice I had originally made, was in fact correct for my vehicle."

Satisfied EV Driver

"I ordered my EVduty-40 EVC30 station and immediately received a confirmation email  with lots of information and useful links. I then received a shipping confirmation with a tracking link. The station arrived on the expected day. All in all, this is what you can expect from a professional service. After installing the station, everything worked on the first try. A week of usage in, everything works as expected."

Satisfied EV Driver
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Do I Need a Level 2 Home Charger?

Are you not sure if you should get a level 2 home charger for your electric car or plug in hybrid? Take our short quiz, it will help you find out if you could benefit from a level 2 charging station. Take the quiz

Comparison of the Top Charging Stations in 2019

Easily compare the most popular charging stations on the market with this useful guide. Our goal is to help you find a level 2 charging station that answers all of your charging needs, includes all of the features you are looking for, and is within your price range. Read the guide

The most popular home charging stations
A large array of Home Charging Stations to choose from

How to Choose your Home Charging Station?

If your new to the EV world, there are a lot of things to learn before ordering your first home charging station. Read our guide on how to choose the right charging station.

What Are the Charging Times with a Charging Station?

We have created a tool to find what is the charging time of a specific electric vehicle or plug in hybrid according to its power acceptance and the power delivered by the charging station. Read the guide

Plugging in an Electric Vehicle

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