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EV600 Series Powerful Home EV Charging Station by Bosch (model EL-51866)

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Why Purchase the EV600 Series EV Charger?

The EV600 Series by Bosch is a level 2 home charging station that allows you to charge your electric car or plug-in hybrid faster than with level 1 charging. Equipped with a universal SAE J1772 connector that can be plugged into and charge every electric vehicle in North America, the EV600 Series is a 40-amp station (for a 9.6 kW charging) and has an 18-foot cable. The station can be installed either indoors or outdoors and is portable for use in multiple locations. This station is made by Bosch.

    Specifications and Details for the EV600 Series Home Charger by Bosch

    • Universal SAE J1772 connector compatible with all-electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids
    • 18 ft cable
    • Plugs into a NEMA 6-50P outlet (welder outlet)
    • Inside or outside installation, works from -30°C to 50°C, and is resistant to bad weather such as rain, snow and ice
    • Mounting plate included for a simple installation
    • 3-year limited warranty
    • Size (charging cable, mounting plate and cable holder not included): 12.6 x 10.3 x 4.5 inches (32 x 26 x 11.5 cm)
    • Weight (excluding cables): 5 lbs (2 kg)
    • Made by Bosch
    • UL certified
    • User manual