Owning 2 EVs

Many households have two vehicles, but what if both vehicles are EVs? What is the most optimal solution for a household that has two vehicles that need to charge? Do you buy one charging station and switch it from one car to the other when needed? This is definitely feasible, although there are options that can prevent this kind of situation.

Charging stations with two ports are available for purchase although they can be pricey, and if available in your region, can only be applied once through government rebate programs. If you have two EVs purchased by two separate individuals, you are both entitled to a charging station rebate; therefore, the ideal solution is to buy 2 charging stations.

If you buy two smart charging stations of the same brand, you can install them in the same electrical panel and they will be able to communicate between themselves. Typically if you have a 48 amperage station you would need to hardwire it into a panel that has at least 60 amps available. You can bypass this by buying two smart stations of the same brand due to the power sharing feature. This feature allows your stations to communicate between themselves to pull half of their usual capacity while both stations are plugged into their respective vehicles. Once a vehicle is fully charged, the station will let the other know that it can now pull its full capability from your panel in order to charge your vehicle.

This is usually a better option as it is cheaper to buy two individual charging stations than buy a specialized station for two vehicles. The other benefit is if the two vehicles have been purchased by two separate individuals, they are both eligible for their own government rebate if the rebate is present in their region.

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