The biggest question new EV drivers ask themselves is how much amperage do I need? Is it worth it to get the fastest station on the market or will I be satisfied with a lower amperage station?

In short, the major difference between low and high amperage stations is the speed. Higher amperage stations will charge your vehicle faster and lower amperage stations will take more time, although this does not mean that a higher amperage station is always suited to the individual’s needs.

The pros of having a high amperage charging station is your car will need to spend less time in your driveway and spend more time on the road. This is very advantageous when you spend a lot of time on the road and need to travel long distances often. The convenience of saving a few hours charging can make the purchase of a high amperage station worth it for an individual, who for instance, uses their EV for work and is in and out of the house a lot.

For most, a lower amperage station will be sufficient. Although your charging sessions will be longer, the average EV driver does not use a lot of mileage daily. So whether charging sessions last 2 or 4 hours it does not make a difference as the vehicle will have its full range overnight.

Other advantages of having a lower amperage station is that it can come in a plugged option (nema 14-50) which allows for portability. Instead of having a station at your home and your cottage for example, all you need is to have a plug installed at both locations and bring your charging station with you. If a friend of a family member you are visiting has a plug you would also be able to bring your charging station with you.

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