Advantages of a Smart Station

In a time where everything is hooked up to the internet you may ask yourself why does my charging station need to be? Simply put, it does not, although you may find value in some of the features having a charging station connected to wifi offers.

All smart stations have their respective apps which may differ slightly in the features they offer, but for the most part these are the features that are offered.

  1. Charging Metrics

    The user can monitor the metrics of your charge such as how much energy you’re consuming and the time elapsed on your charging session.

  1. Remote Control

The user is able to remote start/stop their charging session and can also schedule when the charging session should start which can be paired with information about how much energy costs depending on time of day.

If these are features you deem to be necessary then it is recommended to get a station with an application which can be paired from station to phone.

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